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New Database Maps 391 Policy and Regulatory Measures Supporting the Growth of Green Finance Globally


The new Green Finance Measures Database, the outcome of a five-year work program led by the Green Growth Knowledge Platform and the United Nations Environment Programme, catalogues 391 national and subnational policy and regulatory measures currently in place to support the development of green finance globally. 

The database is the most comprehensive of its kind, covering three asset classes of investment, banking and finance and cataloguing measure across topics such as climate change, ESG, gender, cities, stock markets and regulators, natural capital and digital finance. With 391 measures recorded as of December 2019, the database marks an increase of 102 per cent from 2015 levels where measures stood at 190 globally. 

Delving into the number of measures across sectors shows there is a clear commitment to furthering the reporting and disclosure agenda as well as developing measures that span more than one asset class, such as policy frameworks to tackle climate risk across banking, finance and investment. Given the complexity of tackling climate change finance, measures that take a holistic approach are promising. 

The catalogue covers measures at all levels of compliance from mandatory (such as regulations and legislation), voluntary (such as best practice guidelines) and non-mandatory (such as consultations). By publishing the database as a free, online and open source repository, the project leaders aim to inspire best practice and help authorities to learn from others, raise ambitions, identify opportunities for development and measure collective action.