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Are Investors at a Tipping Point on Climate Change?


Bloomberg reports that Amundi, Europe largest asset manager, finally sees a tipping point on climate change-related risks. Investors are finally waking up to the threats and opportunities of climate change on investment portfolios. Find the original article here

Also the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which recently announced its commitment on climate change risk disclosure following the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board, highlights that the financial community is at "an inflection point" in how it deals with climate risk. It affirms that there are challenges in how we measure this risk. Indeed,  measurements based on past weather patterns may fail to provide insights into the future. Current non-linear models may also not capture the complexity of the impacts of climate change, which makes measuring and managing this risk all the more challenging. This is also what an opinion piece by Charles Donovan explains: climate risk is too complex to capture in one single risk factor, but that is no excuse for not starting to address it.