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Convergence officially launches investment network


Press Release by Convergence

On April 5, 2017, Convergence officially established an online platform connecting credible private, public, and philanthropic investors with each other in order to invest in blended finance deals in emerging and frontier markets.

Launched under the name of Investment Network, this platform helps to broaden investors’ networks and simplify the screening process for blended finance deals, thereby facilitating private sector investment in emerging markets for global development impact. The Investment Network uses an Investor Database and a Deal Database, and more than 100 institutions have already been approved for membership. Members will have access to deals that have a substantial emerging market focus and cover sectors including infrastructure, education, agribusiness, financial services, and healthcare.

Accordingly to Peter Stoute-King, Managing Director of the Investment Network at Convergence, “blended finance will contribute significantly to closing the $2.5 trillion annual gap in funding needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – but making deals happen isn’t easy. The Investment Network will simplify the process by allowing investors to quickly filter and find deals and partners across sectors and regions that meet their investment needs and create development impact.”

Registration for the Investment Network is now open to both investors and deal sponsors. Convergence also aims to build the evidence base for blended finance through data, case studies, and convenings, as well as providing grant funding to support the early-stage design of blended finance vehicles.