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Five Reasons to Invest in Sustainable Forestry


Today, forests still cover 30 per cent of the planet’s surface but but are disappearing at an alarming rate. In 2018, an area of forest the size of 30 football pitches disappeared every minute, primarily due to human activity. Yet forests are critical for wildlife and biodiversity and provide all of us with essential materials and services for shelter, food, health and climate change mitigation. However, with a growing global population and rising middle class putting additional demands on this vanishing resource, and amidst the backdrop of the climate emergency, the importance of preserving our forests has never been higher.

Sustainable forestry may once have been considered the realm of small-scale subsistence communities, protected by conservationists and activists. But today, sustainable forestry is seen not only as an integral component of a sustainable future but also a sound business investment.

A recent World Resources Institute article reports how a group of multinational companies is leading investments in sustainable forestry to preserve human and animal life, protect our planet and make a return on investment in the process.

They list five reasons to invest now and the companies already investing.

The critical importance of sustainable forestry is something that we already know, only this time there’s a business interest; it’s time to stop sacrificing the long-term benefits of healthy forests for short-term gains. 

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