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Forecasting the next 10 Years of Annual Municipal Capital Expenditure on Water Infrastructure Across the United States


 In a new report to be released next week, Bluefield Research provides a forecast on the capital expenditure (CAPEX) on municipal water infrastructure, broken down by U.S. state and region.

 Across the United States, municipally owned water utilities are pressed by the need to upgrade existing systems and aging networks, build new plants to meet current and future water demand, address water contamination, comply with regulatory changes and cover rising cost of commodities. Against this backdrop, Bluefield Research forecasts annual municipal water CAPEX to reach USD 69.9 billion by 2028. This expected increase is not new. Deloitte published an analysis and outlook of CAPEX and maintenance costs of U.S. water infrastructure in 2016, estimating the CAPEX in 2014 to be USD 35 billion.

 The total CAPEX breakdown by state and region, ranking of U.S. regions, as well as capital segmentation is accessible in the report that will be available in September here.