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IISD Webinar on Credit Enhancement for Sustainable Infrastructure


The IISD organised a webinar on credit enhancement, featuring key experts in the field of access to finance for sustainable infrastructure. The well-attended, very insightful and interactive webinar built strongly on the experience of a variety of industry experts.


 View the recorded webinar here.


Introduction to the IISD Online Instrument Inventory

  • Laurin Wuennenberg: Researcher, Innovation at IISD
  • Alexander Martin: Consultant, Credit Enhancement and Risk Mitigation at IISD

Key insights and discussion on paper “Credit Enhancement for Sustainable Infrastructure

  • David Uzsoki: Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure at IISD

A conversation on trends and current practice

  • Oshani Perera: Director of Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance at IISD; Webinar Moderator
  • Boo Hock Khoo: Vice President of the Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility
  • Lasitha Perera: Chief Executive Officer of GuarantCo
  • Jef Vincent: Expert, Renewable Energy Finance at the International Renewable Agency

A discussion on innovation in credit enhancement 

Oshani Perera, Boo Hock Khoo, Lasitha Perera, Jef Vincent


For more information on the IISD credit enhancement online inventory, see:

The IISD project page on credit enhancement can be found here: