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ORF report on Factoring Climate Resilience Into Infrastructure Risk Metrics


'This paper proposes a framework for defining risk metrics to capture climate resilience in infrastructure assets. It first outlines the risks that infrastructure is exposed to under a future of climate change, before summarising some of the current approaches used by large investment organisations to measure the resilience of this infrastructure. Finally, the paper proposes a method to develop a framework for risk metrics that build on these approaches.'

Aled Jones, "Rating Resilience: Factoring Climate Resilience into Infrastructure Risk Metrics." ORF Special Report No. 84, March 2019, Observer Research Foundation.

The Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) approach developed by IISD can be used along the lines of the findings of this Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Special Report. Through a customized approach, it allows for a focus on the context and location-specific characteristics of infrastructure in a community. And by allowing for various scenarios, it provides decision-support information relevant for investors and policy-makers.

The Special Report can be found here.

More information on SAVi is available here.